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New Mayhem Track Sounds Like New Mayhem Track


Mayhem - Esoteric Warfare

Mayhem are one of those bands, despite their legendary status, that I’ve never been here nor there about. Their music neither excites me or angers me… it’s just… there. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t old enough to appreciate them in their grim and frosty heyday. I saw them play NYC once a few years ago at The Metal Suckfest opening day party (which was actually a pre-existing show not set up by us) and found Attila Csihar’s on-stage histrionics highly entertaining, although the shtick got old after a bit.

And so: there’s a new Mayhem song called “Trinity” that’s premiered exclusively on Metal Insider. It sounds more or less like what you’d expect a Mayhem song to sound like, which I imagine will excite longtime fans of the band and elicit a passing shrug from everyone else. There’s a catchy little thing going on in the guitars, but I doubt I’ll remember this song much later on. Go on and give it a listen. New album Esoteric Warfare will be released on June 10th on Season of Mist and can be pre-ordered here. There’s another song from the album called “VI.Sec” available as well.

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