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fuck u dudNote to self: help Dallas Police Department set up their own Facebook page so they don’t have to send messages through this dude.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.10.12 AMWe’re not holding them hostage, we swear.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 9.46.19 AMW’re just flattered that you think we’re special and unique.

cant handle the riffsThat’s right: powerful riffs may induce severe sarcasm. It’s a fact.

goth clownsWe somehow doubt this dude’s claim that he went to Harvard.

wetherWe’re wondering wether or not you completed a third grade the third grade.

emmure binary codeWe don’t have anything negative to say about this one, we just thought it was hilarious and worth sharing.

You’ll have to click to enlarge these two:

yo mama 1

yo mama 2FINALLY! A groupie!!!

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