Shit That Comes Out Today

Sh*t That Comes Out Today: April 29, 2014

  • David Lee Rothmund

Dead In The Manger

Nine months ago, bands and record labels conceived new ideas, samples, riffs, and noodles. Today, they gave given birth (ew)! I mean, even the placenta this morning is quality shit. All that birth fluid, too. It’s a huge mess. Nevermind all that. What you’re going to need to do as the doctor is click through all these links and figure out what’s worth keeping! Hint: a whole fucking lot of it. Rejoice!


Aborted - The Necrotic ManifestoAborted
The Necrotic Manifesto (Century Media)
On a playlist with: Dying Fetus, Origin, Suffocation
Listen The Necrotic Manifesto full stream (here)
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Some bands don’t fuss about — Aborted is one of those bands. And The Necrotic Manifesto is one of those albums which is so well-done through and through that you wonder whether it might be overcooked. The burnt edges are: Extreme fucking blastbeat destruction, a literal feast of taco moments, and hyper-robotized “kill kill kill” vocals. And typically I love all those things, but their combination in excess kind of makes my head spin at points. But even the most burnt, seasoned steak is better than some stupid fucking salad, so get out your knife.


Lord Mantis Death MaskLord Mantis
Death Mask (Profound Lore)
On a playlist with: Indian, Tombs, Cultes Des Ghoules
Listen Death Mask full stream (here)
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Go ahead and browse the review by our Anso DF for all the shiny details about Death Mask. Read it while you listen, actually. Or listen while you read it, or however it works for you. Death Mask works like this: It disillusions, then baffles, then poisons you, and then laughs at your resulting yak-attack all over the nearest vertical surface. In the same vein as Ulcerate’s latest, this album turns your padded room into a spinny padded room, and then at 4:20 into the first song it just fucking stabs you to fucking death for the fun of it. Oh and sweet baby Jesus how good it feels.


anti ritualAnti Ritual
Anti Ritual EP (Indisciplinarian)
On a playlist with:
Listen Anti Ritual EP full stream (here)

In some ways, I look forward to a debut release more than a follow-up. Something is crunchy and fresh with new bands — kind of like they’re rolling on virgin waves of excitement and creativity. None of that jaded shit. Anti Ritual breaks super hard and super clean on all the typical hardcore/sludge cracks, and as a result they sound ripe as hell. But above all I really appreciate this European “gutso” attitude about raw, emotionally-fueled music. When bands have their internal shit pointed toward the music, usually something relatable, charming, and raunchy pops out. Super digs on this one.


Whitechapel - Our Endless WarWhitechapel
Our Endless War (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with: Carnifex, Molotov Solution, Suffokate
Listen Our Endless War full stream (here)

There’s a difference between purposeful variation and blind genre confusion. Is it just me or does it sound like the tracks on Our Endless War weren’t all written by the same group of dudes? I’m not on the Whitechapel H8-boat, but I’m certainly not planning on torpedoing it either. I feel simultaneously lucky and shitty that I can appreciate slam/deathcore every once in a while — as long as it’s pure — but I’m not getting any cock-movement here. Also, what made these guys popular in the first place?


Forest Of TygersForest Of Tygers
Bruises EP (Primitive Violence)
On a playlist with: Converge, Mouth Of The Architect, Gaza
Listen Bruises EP full stream (here)

Husband and wife duo, eh? Sounds like I need to land a chicka who can rock out like Forest Of Tygers, who were heretofore unbeknownst to me. The Bruises EP is very forward-thinking hardcore, almost like longer post-metal songs broken down into more digestible chunks. And that digestibility is what really sells me on this EP — it’s the fact that it’s package and compartmentalized disorder. I only wish there was more than just 17 minutes of it, but alas, patience pays off.


Archspire Lucid CollectiveArchspire
The Lucid Collective (Season Of Mist)
On a playlist with: Rings Of Saturn, Anomalous, Veil of Pnath
Listen The Lucid Collective full stream (here)

Imagine the urgent insanity of Rings Of Saturn mixed with typical Season Of Mist one-offness. While not as technical as the former or as obtuse as the latter, Archspire immediately reached way outside of my realm of expectation. Result: damn huge smile on my face. What really tickles my pants is their total lack of pretension. Oh yeah, and that crystal-cut organic production quality which seems to be the label’s mainstay nowadays. Oh yeah x2, those ultra-fast barking growls. Get a load of those growls. Totally inb4 “omg sped up, braj.”



» Abysmal Torment Cultivate The Apostate (Willowtip) listen
Adestria Gilded Hearts (Artery) listen
Anti-Mortem New Southern (Nuclear Blast) listen
Autopsy Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves (Peaceville) listen listen read
» Beneath Barren Throne (Unique Leader) listen listen
Centurian Choronzonic Chaos Gods reissue (Hells Headbangers) listen
BeneathCenturian Of Purest Fire reissue (Hells Headbangers) listen
Cloak Of Altering Plague Beasts (Crucial Blast) listen listen
Coldwar Pantheist (Candlelight) listen listen
Curimus Artificial Revolution (Freezing Penguin/Svart) listen listen
¤ Dead In The Manger Transience EP (20 Buck Spin) listen
Death Leprosy reissue (Relapse) listen
Devil You Know The Beauty Of Destruction (Nuclear Blast) listen read
Dismemberment Embrace The Dark (Horror Pain Gore Death) listen listen listen
Fu Manchu GigantoidThe Earth Laid Bare Circadian Rhythms listen
Edguy Space Police: Defenders Of The Crown (Nuclear Blast) listen
Existance Steel Alive (Mausoleum) listen listen listen
Exorcism I Am God (GoldenCore) listen listen
Fake Idols Fake Idols (Lifeforce) listen listen
Fatal Smile White Trash Heroes (FS) listen
Floor Oblation (Season Of Mist) listen
» Fu Manchu Gigantoid (At The Dojo) listen listen listen
Lake Of Tears By The Black SeaGrey Skies Fallen The Many Sides Of Truth (Xanthros) listen
Helstar This Wicked Nest (AFM) listen
Holy Moses Redefined Mayhem (SPV) listen
Ikillya Vae Victus (Megaforce) listen
Infestus The Reflecting Void (Debemur Morti) listen
Insomnium Shadows Of The Dying Sun (Century Media) listen listen
Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus Spirit Knife (Small Stone) listen listen
PsychoKlogr Black Snow (Zeta Factory) listen
Kublai Khan Balancing Survival & Happiness (Artery) listen
» Lake Of Tears By The Black Sea live DVD/CD (AFM) listen listen
Manilla Road Mystification reissue (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Martyr Defiled No Hope No Morality (Century Media) listen
Mekong Delta A Mirror Darkly (SPV) listen
Mind Save Yourself From Hell (Selfmadegod) listen
Miss May I Rise Of The Lion (Rise) listen listen
Schammasch ContradictionPortrait Crossroads (Metal Blade) listen
» Psycho Chainsaw Priest (Selfmadegod) listen
Reformers Abolish (Mediaskare) listen listen
Revelation Salvation’s Answer reissue (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Romantic Rebel Romantic Rebel (Pavement) listen
Saliva Rise Up (Rum Bum) listen
Saxon St. George’s Day Sacrifice: Live In Manchester (UDR) listen
» Schammasch Contradiction (Prosthetic) listen
Twitch Of The Death NerveSo Hideous Last Poem/First Light (Prosthetic) listen
Super Massive Black Holes Calculations Of The Ancients (Minotauro) listen
Thine The Dead City Blueprint (Peaceville) listen
» Twitch Of The Death Nerve A New Code Of Morality (Comatose) listen listen
Unlight The Katalyst Of The Katharsis (War-Anthem) listen
Upon This Dawning We Are All Sinners (Artery) listen listen
Vanhelga Längtan (Art of Propaganda) listen


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