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Today in Trivium Drummers: Travis Smith Makes Himself Available, Nick Augusto Comments on Departure


The departure of Nick Augusto from Trivium earlier this week seems to have gotten the attention of at least one high profile musician: former Trivium drummer Travis Smith.

MS reader Mateja V. noticed that one Travis Smith commented on Trivium’s Facebook post about Augusto’s split with the band, and looking at his profile it does seem to be the Travis Smith, albeit a much more beardy one than we remember:


Travis SmithThe smiley face would seem to indicate Smith may be kidding, and a quick browse through his profile paints the picture of a man who is quite content with family life. But who knows? Maybe he does need a gig.

Meanwhile the recently ousted Augusto has commented on his split with the band via Twitter (looks like he’ll have to change his handle from @nicktrivium — whoops!). He hasn’t revealed the exact cause of the split, although I think at that point we can cross “he didn’t want to tour as much” off the list of possibilities; seems like there was definitely some interpersonal conflict between Nick and the other members of the band at play here.

We’ll stay tuned for that. Maybe Augusto will return to his grind roots?

Meanwhile maybe Trivium oughtta consider this kid to take over as drummer.

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