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College Student Makes Death Metal Video about Pituitary Gonadotropins and Sex Hormones for Class Project


Remember the college student who made a death metal video about heart disease and stroke for a class project?

He’s back! Whether this video about pituitary gonadotropins and sex hormones is for the same class as the one about atrial fibrillation we can’t say, but it’s equally as entertaining, if not more so, and it’s definitely heavier than his first effort. I’d just love to see the face on whatever poor professor was charged with grading this thing when he or she first hit play.

Filmmaker / death metal fan / med student Joseph B. is a student at the University of Manchester, and as long as he keeps sending these we’ll keep posting ’em. They’re great — love the animated sequences, and the vigor these guys have for such clinical topics. He’s set up a Facebook page for the endeavor, which he’s calling Death Medical, so naturally you should go and like it. He got an A on that first one, by the way.

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