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College Student Makes Death Metal Video about Heart Disease and Stroke for Class Project


You guys, I was so sick this past weekend. Axl covered for me on Friday (thanks, pal!), hence my complete lack of writing that day (on the plus side: got to watch The Price is Right for the first time in years!). But it only got worse from there. Saturday and Sunday were a nightmarish blur of my couch, blankets, tissues, sweating, shivering, coughing like the Marlboro Man, Mets games (mini-nightmares in their own right) and Alaska Fishing Wars, all in a never-ending random cycle. I think I turned a corner last night, though, when I completely sweat through a set of clothes in my sleep. Pray for me, people.

And so: check out this video sent in by MS reader Joseph B., a student at the University of Manchester. He was assigned a project on atrial fibrillation and stroke — metal-sounding subject matter, for sure — so he decided to write an original death metal composition and make a video for it. It looks and sounds fantastic! Rest assured, he tells us he got “really great marks” for it. The animations are excellent, and they look like what my lugs felt like all weekend. It’s also very educational! I know a lot more about heart disease and stroke than I ever did before. BLOOD CLOT! IN ATRIA!

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