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Second To One: Atheist Starts Work On Follow-Up To Comeback Classic

  • Anso DF

Atheist Evolution Festival

A few years before Carcass and Gorguts brought respectability to the “reunion album” in 2013, tech-death forerunners Atheist released the brilliant Jupiter after a 17-year break. It was typical of the awesome Kelly Shaefer and crew to arrive to the comeback party a bit early, yet right on time to get crunk with its hosts. In other words, Jupiter is perfect, a quintessential tech-metal hookfest, the first of extreme metal’s new wave of I Can’t Believe It’s A Reunion Album classics.

Accordingly, Atheist will be the first to follow a post-hiatus breakthrough with a second sophomore album. And it was announced Thursday that its creation is now underway! Yayyy!! Says Shaefer:

Tony Choy will join us this go around, and having the endless rhythmic possibilities will be amazing. We will be working with producer Jason Suecof, [who] has such a vast wealth of knowledge of our history as well as our sound. We were lucky to be able to have him mix Jupiter, but this time he will be involved in the recording as well as the mix so that will be beastly!!

Oh sweet, sweet titties. That is great news. If my vibe is in line with the will of the cosmos, then it’s safe to predict that Atheist will follow the pattern of post-Layne Alice In Chains: A thrilling, profound comeback album that fires their glorious chemistry, then a follow-up that uses their science to achieve new potencies and purities. Fucking yes!!! U jam!!

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