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The Jewdi in MetalSucks Proudly Present: Metal Warz Merch!!!



A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… well, actually, more like a month ago right here on Earth… the amazingly talented Sean Tidy from Tidy Ink contacted The Jewdi at MetalSucks about combining two of our most ardent passions: metal and an epic space opera, the title of which escapes us right now. Sensing that The Force was strong with this one, the Jewdis agreed that this was a splendid idea, and flew to the distant ice planet of Lawth, where they consulted with their Aunt Yoda and the attorneys at Skyschlepper, Windont and Fistowitz to make sure they could not be sued by the evil Litigith. Finally satisfied that The MetalSucks Mansion would not be targeted by any moon-sized Imperial military battlestations, today, The Jewdi proudly unveil our new line of Metal Warz merch, which is currently available in three force-ful designs:

And each shirt is only $15 — so cheap, you’d think we have sweatshops full of small, adorable, fuzzy creatures on a forest planet making ’em (don’t worry, we’d never do such a thing). So what are you waiting for? Order yours now!!!

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