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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: June 17, 2014

  • David Lee Rothmund

Under The Church

I’m still deaf in one ear from Sunday’s BTBAM + Meshuggah show! But in true MetalSucks spirit, I donned the monocle earbud and rocked out to each and every one of this week’s heavy STCOT. You ever get that “omg too much pls stop” feeling, like when stuffing down a burrito or getting an under-the-desk blowie? That shouldn’t happen with music, and this week’s releases’ll be damned if it starts now. Rock it.


Wo FatWo Fat
The Conjuring (Small Stone)
On a playlist with: Green Leaf, Sasquatch, Blind Dog
Listen The Conjuring full stream (here)

I can see the classic MetalSucks headline now: Wo Fat Is So Phat. I mean, there’s not much to the package — huge fuzz-laden riffs and groovy vocals. It’s the delivery, though: The Conjuring feels effortless and nonchalant but not flippant. Kinda like when you hang with buds at a BBQ and everyone’s just having, like, a good ol’ time. And many metal musics these days are missing that! Put this in your bun and munch down on it. Also a toke ain’t gonna hurt none.


Scare Don't FearScare Don’t Fear
From The Ground Up (KBB)
On a playlist with: Mushroom(head) P.E.-Town Concrete
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There must be metal-rap (or rap-metal, wtf) which needn’t be prefaced by the question: “Hey braj, do you like Limp Bizkit?” And I’m not talking Rage Against The Machine — you know, they actually rocked. I’m talking something along the lines of the intro to Painted In Exile’s “Skylines” — it’s tongue-in-cheek, but it fucking worked. From The Ground Up contains music that doesn’t work. It’s not an impossible achievement, we just gotta wait until somebody can actually do it.


A Hymn of the Ancient Monster EP (Xtreem)
On a playlist with: Morbid Angel, Rivers Of Nihil, late Death
Listen A Hymn of the Ancient Monster EP full stream (here)

It’s refreshing to see metal from Iran, a country not known for, uh, metal. It’s refreshing also when it stands with the steadfast “winners” in the genre but still stands alone, too. Azooma does tech-death in its most basic form, but the guitar work shines through the otherwise generic mix. It’s got the same frantic, unbound quality that made our super-favorite Rivers Of Nihil album so great, although the styles here are very divergent. Plus listening to it makes you more worldly!


The Virtuous Purge (Gilead)
On a playlist with: Behemoth, Lord Mantis, Ulcerate
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The Virtuous Purge also has enough from-the-sewer amateurishness to sound 100% fresh. No sparking-clean production nor magazine covers, Barghest brings you back to the metal earth’s core. Even non-fans of the style can get on board — it’s that addictive! Also props to MetalSucks for knowing what the hell is good before it comes out (this is why you <3 us).


Feed The RhinoFeed The Rhino
The Sorrow And The Sound (Siege Of Amida)
On a playlist with: Last Witness, Hexes, Take Offense
Listen The Sorrow And The Sound full stream (here)

We <3 metallic hardcore because it combines old-school thrash with modern simplicity and heaviness. It’s a very straightforward genre! But for a purist it’s still really easy to dig The Sorrow And The Sound. It gets light at points, and I like that — it also doesn’t break windows and smash tables. In return, you get a bit more nuance and sophistication in an otherwise rigid subgenre.


Vanna - VoidVanna
Void (Pure Noise)
On a playlist with: Norma Jean, Cancer Bats, Therefore I Am
Listen Void full stream (here)

Fuck me. You ever spin a new album for the first time and know instantly that you’re gonna love it? That’s Void. As void of pretension as Enabler, but just as loose-fisted as Norma Jean, Vanna still has a shtick — this upbeat, fulfilling attitude toward rocking hard. As our Vince Neilstein commented, the clean-sung choruses are kinda lame, but honestly with a package so tight, you won’t bothered in the least.



Boris Noise (Sargent House) listen listen
Expire Pretty Low (Bridge Nine) listen
» Fiends At Feast / Tragic Death Purgatory Rites split (Horror Pain Gore Death) listen
Finntroll Natten Med De Levande live (Spinefarm) listen
Incubus Incubus EP reissue (Vic) listen
Leather Chalice Luna EP (Broken Limbs) listen
VassaforLecherous Gaze Zeta Reticuli Blues (Tee Pee) listen listen listen
Lullacry Legacy 1998-2014 (Spinefarm) listen
Mefisto The Megalomania Puzzle reissue (Vic) listen
Necuratul Sanguine Lupus Graves EP (Forever Plagued) listen
Nevada Rose Paint Me In Light (Tragic Hero) listen
Profetus As All Seasons Die (Svart) listen
Radio Moscow Magical Dirt (Alive Naturalsound) listen
Rippikoulu Ulvaja (Svart) listen
Stars In Stereo Leave Your Mark (Hundred Handed) listen listen listen
Sinistrous DiabolusTaatsi Season Of Sacrifice EP (Forever Plagued) listen
Trepaneringsritualen & Sutekh Hexen One Hundred Year Storm (Pesanta Urfolk)
Under The Church Under The Church (Pulverised) listen
»» Vassafor / Sinistrous Diabolus split (Iron Bonehead) listen
Venowl Patterns Of Failure reissue (Broken Limbs) listen
Youth In Revolt Love Is A Liar’s Game (Outerloop) listen


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