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Nergal’s Autobiography is FINALLY Getting an English-Language Release

  • Axl Rosenberg

Nergal - Sacrum Profanum

If you, like me, don’t speak Polish and have been dying to read Nergal’s autobiography, Sacrum Profanus, then this news should make you happy. From Nergal’s Facebook page:

“Jawbone will be releasing the English edition of my ‘SACRUM PROFANUM; THE CONFESSION OF THE HERETIC’ worldwide early 2015! The translation is goin’ thru editing process as we speak! Excited!”

The book covers such topics as the career of Behemoth and Nergal’s various struggles against religious conservatives, cancer, and, of course, discrimination against people with fiveheads. Powerful stuff.

That’s really all the news we have right now, so this is gonna be a really brief post. But I thought y’all’d wanna know. So… now you know!

the more you know

[via Lambgoat]

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