Not Quite Metal?

Fall Out Boy Introduce Samples of Slayer’s “Raining Blood” Into Their Live Show


fall out boy slayer logo final
Lambgoat posted the below video of Fall Out Boy  drummer Andy Hurley and frontman Patrick Stump performing a “drum off” (not a real drum off but okay whatevs) set in part to Slayer’s “Raining Blood” during a recent performance in Mansfield, MA. Apparently, this has become part of the pop-rock quartet’s regular show.

The inclusion of Slayer in a Fall Out Boy concert might seem odd, but keep in mind that Hurley has also played with Enabler and a bunch of other extreme music acts, and that both Hurley and FOB guitarist Joe Trohman are both members of The Damned Things alongside some of the dudes from Anthrax, Volbeat, and Every Time I Day. So this isn’t so odd after all.


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