Justin Moore, Robot That Sounds a Lot Like Vince Neil Release Video for Country Version of Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home”


We finally get to hear some of that upcoming country music tribute to Mötley Crüe via the below video for a cover of “Home Sweet Home” by Justin Moore (who?), with an alleged assist from Vince Neil. I say “alleged” because he’s always on key, so it can’t be the real Vince Neil. A cyborg must have taken the place of Vince Neil, and, somehow, no one noticed (goddamn evil ghosts continue to fuck up Vince Neil’s life!!!).

ANYWAY, the cover is nothing special. Moore didn’t really change anything about the song (even the guitar solo is an almost note-for-note duplication), save for some tiny flourishes here and there, and the fact that it now sounds like it’s being sung by a guy whose mother is also his sister. And as is befitting a band whose catalog is forty percent greatest hits collections, a good amount of the video is just footage from The Crüe’s old video for the song. So really the only reason to watch this is out of morbid curiosity. Well, that and the fact that Neil’s appearance at the end is hilariously over-staged to make him look cool.

 Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to MotleyCrüe comes out August 19.

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