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Mötley Crüe Debut New Song, Incredible New Tommy Lee Drum Rig


Mötley Crüe’s alleged farewell tour has begun! It seems to be full of unprofessional mishaps, but it has begun! And it brings with it fan-filmed video of the band performing their new song, “All Bad Things” and a “sizzle reel” (basically an extended commercial) for the tour, which features a portion of the studio version.

So, good news/bad news:

The good news is, the studio version actually sounds pretty rad! Okay, so there’s this kinda Generation Swine-era synth thing that should absolutely not be happening, and Nikki Sixx needs to get over his obsession with writing lyrics about the band already (he’s been doing it since at least “Kickstart My Heart,” which was fine back then — that’s my favorite Crüe song! — but eighty-seven “Saints of Los Angeles” and “Fake”s later, it’s feeling wwwwwwaaayyyy too narcissistic). But other than that, it’s actually really catchy! And reasonably heavy by modern era Crüe standards.

The bad news is, the live version does not sound very rad. It’s disappointing that Mick Mars uses his solo to just make a bunch of noise (although apparently that is not an uncommon practice for him now). Also, if this is seriously what Vince Neil is gonna try and pass off as singing, can someone just shove a cheeseburger in his mouth and shut him up?

Here’s the sample of the studio version…

…and here the live version:

In related news: it’s well known that one of the best parts of any Mötley Crüe show is seeing what insane shit Tommy Lee’s kit does during his solo. For the band’s “final” tour, the man may have finally reached the apex of excess via what he’s dubbed “The Crüecifly.” We now have video of this magnificent monstrosity. Check this shit out:

So that’s pretty nuts.

Alas, as Anso reported yesterday, not every fan will get to see Lee’s latest rig live and in the flesh: after it was featured during the band’s July 4 performance in Milwaukee, Lee tweeted…

Which sucks. That means some fans will be treated to ten minutes of Tommy just soloing and yelling out dated hip-hop phrases. Oh well. I guess at least there’s a built-in pee break.

[via Metal Insider]

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