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MOTIONLESS IN WHITE have a new song and it sounds like 18 VISIONS in 2005


18v miw

Exhibit 1: 18V (left) vs MIW (right) promo photos/overall steez

As longtime readers of MS know, I am literally the world’s biggest 18 VISIONS fan. I am such a huge fan that my love for the band encompasses every single thing they ever touched– in fact, my favorite album is their final, self-titled one. In contrast to their earlier stuff, which was ridiculously brutal Orange County proto-deathcore, the self-titled album is best described as “metalcore kids covering MARILYN MANSON with a touch of MOTLEY CRUE for good measure.” Everybody hated it at the time, but I loved it.

Exhibit 2: MOTIONLESS IN WHITE “Reincarnate”

Exhibit 3: 18 VISIONS “Your Nightmare”

Apparently I was not the only one who got super into that album, because MOTIONLESS IN WHITE just dropped a new single and it might as well be a long-lost B-side from the self-titled sessions. I mean, the band is even named after an old 18V song! Sure, maybe it’s not the most original thing in the world but I’m not complaining. Takes me back to the good old days of 05-06 when I spent my free time listening to I AM GHOST, creeping the profiles of hot slutty cybergoth girls on Vampire Freaks and insisting that N3V3R 3N0UGH were totally gonna be the Next Big Thing.


Crossing my fingers that this look will come back with girls who have daddy issues and compensate for their low self-esteem by going to great lengths to get the validation of strangers on the internet. Especially since Instagram exists now– the perfect platform for girls to post slutty pics and bask in the male attention that is sure to follow!

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