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I’m not sure if this was some dude doing the ultimate troll, or an honest mistake, or just idiocy plain and simple… regardless, it’s pretty funny.

Over the weekend, in a post which has since been deleted from his Facebook page, former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy groused:

Mike Portnoy Dramatic Turn of Events FB PostLittle wonder that Portnoy pulled the post — it’s moronic. For one thing, I doubt many people can find a Dream Theater shirt from 1985, since the band’s first album didn’t come out ’til 1989, and any merch they manufactured prior to that is probably considered a big time collector’s item now. But for another thing… who gives a shit? Okay, so I can see where Portnoy might find such an action eye-rolling, but “insensitive”? It’s not like the guy wore a shirt portraying a plane crash and the words “Mike Portnoy’s Mom Goes Down” or something. Hell, Portnoy wasn’t even fired from Dream Theater — he quit! If anything, it would be more offensive to wear a Winery Dogs shirt (or whatever horrible project Portnoy is involved with this week) to a Dream Theater meet and greet.

Maybe worst of all: no one even would have known about this if Portnoy hadn’t written this post. Now EVERYONE with a sense of humor is gonna wanna wear a post-Portnoy-era DT shirt to meet him. Fuck it, given the chance, I’d flat out wear a Mike Mangini shirt. I can’t even seem to find one online, so I’d have to have it made, but it would be totally worth it just to think that I may have made Mike Portnoy cry. Consider it my revenge for unleashing James LaCheese on the world, Mikey.

Thanks: Joseph M.

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