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What is the BEST ALBUM ART of 2014???

  • Sergeant D

10509532_10203537438454996_577644380061467142_n About a year ago, I tried Spotify for the first time (thanks to Vince’s incessant sucking of their cock), and never looked back. It’s now pretty much the only way I listen to music, and I literally only own a single CD (a copy of THESE HEARTS “Yours To Take” signed by Andrew Wade). But as much as I love Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, and other streaming services, I have to admit that they are missing an important component of the listening experience: album art! I remember spending hours poring over the amazing covers of classic albums THE ACCUSED “Grinning Like An Undertaker,” MISFITS “Earth AD,” and INTEGRITY “Humanity Is The Devil.” Vinyl may not be the most convenient or best-sounding listening format, but when it comes to serving as a canvas for beautiful artwork, LPs can’t be beat! With that trip down memory lane out of the way, I thought it would be a great idea to throw some shine on the best album art of today, for anyone who might have missed it. Here are a few of my favorites, please share your own in the comments! wc 10418535_10203537431814830_4351909310207336825_n 10516779_10203537431854831_5332167290920545006_n 10488395_10203537435574924_4180415530884770178_n 10562958_10203537438374994_3916900731097776674_n 10462642_10203537440295042_2280488278037910819_n 10527645_10203537431734828_257224089004212882_n 1977282_10203537433614875_8437175734162719103_n

Credit: Dylan of Downpour Designs

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