Video: Megadeth Perform “A Tout Le Monde” Acoustically at the Hard Rock Café in Turkey


Istanbul, Turkey, aims to remain hip; consequently, the city has taken steps to remain two steps ahead in the world of cool things by opening its first Hard Rock Café. Bless their hearts; thirty years after the novelty has died off for most of the world, Turkey’s enthusiasm for this endeavor is clearly showcased by tapping relevant up-and-comers Megadeth to celebrate the opening.

All snide condescension aside, here are some fairly well-produced videos of the performance. While Dave Mustaine gets his share of grief (and usually deservedly so), this acoustic version of “A Tout Le Monde” (complete with an assist from the audience, who belt the words along in delirious joy) is a bittersweet look at a band that’s rather more-laughed-at-tha-lauded these days. Still, it’s good to see their effect on the crowd and on the happily drunk fans in general. Here’s part one of the footage taken at the show.

Footage by Timur Akkurt, Barış Akpolat, and Sertaç Öğüt from their show Teknolojiden Anlamayan Adam (The Man Who Doesn’t Understand Technology)

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