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Opeth and In Flames Announce Co-Headlining Tour with Red Fang


Former metal band Opeth have announced a co-headlining trek with formerly good metal band In Flames; support will come from Red Fang, who haven’t yet reached the “Old fans are disappointed with their new stuff” phase of their career. I know a lot of people dig the direction in which Opeth have moved, and I’m very happy for them; I really can’t imagine ANYONE giving a shit about In Flames at this point, seeing as they’re about to release their third wholly forgettable album in a row. But ten, maybe even five years ago? This would have been an AWESOME line-up. So unless Opeth and In Flames are planning on exclusively playing sets with vintage material — which I highly doubt they are (the last time I saw In Flames live, the oldest song they played was from Come Clarity) — Red Fang is the band I’d be most excited to see here.

But I know a lot of you will feel differently, and I’m very happy for you! Have a nice time. Dates are on the poster below. Yay.

Opeth In Flames Red Fang Tour

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