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Here’s a New Cavalera Conspiracy Song called “Bonzai Kamikazi”


Cavalera Conspiracy - Bonzai KamikaziMy interest in Cavalera Conspiracy waned after Joe Duplantier’s day job in Gojira kept him from participating in anything after the band’s debut album Inflikted. I think it’s great that the Cavalera brothers kissed and made up — and created some pretty decent new music together to boot — but, fairly or not, I felt like Duplantier’s presence brought the band a certain something special, a fresh perspective, ya know? Not that current bassist Nate Newton (of Converge and Old Man Gloom fame), who joined the band in January, is any slouch — he’s great too. Like I said, mine may be an unfair judgment — I probably shouldn’t let it get in the way of how I judge CC’s post-Inflikted music — but there it is, honest injun’.

Metal Injection has hipped us to the band’s new track “Bonzai Kamakazi,” which you can stream below, and I like it a lot — it’s definitely better than anything either Sepultura or Soulfly are putting out these days, and it’s pretty damn good in its own right too. Definitely makes me excitebike to hear the new album and makes me reevaluate my hasty assessment of Cavalera Conspiracy in the post-Duplantier era.

New album Pandemonium will come out later this year via Napalm Records.

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