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Here’s a Video of Robyn + Röyksopp Crushing it on Jimmy Fallon Last Night


Robyn and RoyksoppAs previously mentioned, Axl’s gone for the week. So, fuck it: you all get a video of Robyn, the most metal non-metal act this side of Future Islands!

Body Talk was the true #1 album of the year for me in 2013 (I was late to the party, I know) despite what I may have claimed on my year-end list.

Robyn and Röyksopp collaborated on the moody, jammy, ethereal Do It Again EP earlier this year, the title track of which is the only song thereon that’s got the dancey, upbeat, pop-laden hooks you’d expect from Robyn. Not that that’s a bad thing: the Swedish pixie could use a little calming dust every now and then, and Röyksopp provide just the antidote for her over-excited, if earnest, full-body thrusts, metaphorically speaking and literally.

MetalGF and I are going to see the Robyn + Röyksopp collabo live tomorrow, at which each will perform a set of their own material before uniting for the Do It Again stuff. CANNOT FUCKING WAIT!

Check out this performance on Jimmy Fallon last night. SO GOOD! Chills. I’d hire Robyn to front a metal band any. fucking. day. Also: THOSE PANTS! Righteous. And as much as I’d love to believe she’s repping her Swedish countrymen in Opeth on that hoodie… well, I’ll just let myself keep believing it.

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