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The Partridge Family of Metal: Drowning Delilah


This is bizarre, but somehow surprisingly sweet and endearing: a five-minute documentary about the Virginia / North Carolina-based Milam family and their band Drowning Delilah, the ranks of which are filled out by their own progeny.

The story of how Drowning Delilah came to be a family affair is quite simple, and it’s far from the calculation of a family group like, for example, Jackson 5. Shane and Sly Milam had their first child when they were very young — 18 and 15 years old, respectively — and didn’t want to give up the dream of being in a band. As the members of their former band Sloburn also began having kids and pursuing the family life, Shane and Sly didn’t have to look far to find replacements: the parents both sing, their twenty one year old son plays drums, their fifteen year old son sings back up, and the godfather of both kids plays bass.

Kinda cool. Playing gigs on the weekends sure beats Chess Club or whatever else most kids’ parents force them to fill their time with.

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