Korn Take on “Haters” in New Crowd-Sourced Music Video About Bullying


I feel bad dumping on perennial MetalSucks punching bags Korn when the concept behind their new music video is such a novel one: bullying. Korn certainly aren’t going to change the culture of bullying with one video, but if they’ve provided a rallying cry for those who are and who have been bullied… well, that’s pretty cool, I suppose. It’s also nice that they included fan-submitted clips.

Even this song, which appears on the “world tour edition deluxe reissue” of their most recent album The Paradigm Shift, isn’t bad as far as Korn songs go. It’s not all that original — the chord progression in the chorus could be from any song on Active Rock radio over the past 15 years — but the nu-metalisms are kept to a minimum and the chorus is catchy enough.

Hey, look at that: we went an entire post without saying a bad thing about Korn! Wait… fuck Korn. Ah, shit, there I go again.

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