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Is This a Leak of a New Ozzy Osbourne Song? No, No it Isn’t.

  • Axl Rosenberg
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A woman who calls herself Whitney Wonders — presumably not the porn star of the same name (NSFW site here, you horny sickos) — has been circulating the below song, entitled “A New Believe in Me,” which she claims is a leak of a new Ozzy song. The incredibly nonsensical title ought to tip people off that it’s bullshit — even if Ozzy is suffering from brain damage, as he often appears to be, it’s unlikely his handlers wouldn’t make him change the title/lyrics. But I’m guessing some fans won’t even notice, because, well… people are dumb.

Still, it’s only a semi-plausible-sounding facsimile of an actual Ozzy song. The riff definitely sounds like Wylde-era Ozzman, which is already a little weird because Zakk Wylde isn’t Ozzy’s guitarist anymore, but the dead giveaway is the vocals. If that’s Ozzy singing, then I’m Ronnie James Dio.

So if one of your bonehead friends is like “Hey, did you hear the leak of the new Ozzy song?”, you can be like, “That’s not really a new Ozzy song, bonehead.”

You’re welcome.

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