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Stupid Americans are Mistaking Isis the Metal Band for ISIS the Terrorist Group


IsisWhat to make of the current situation in Iraq? Should America intervene to help stop a situation we created (at least in part), or is enough enough already with these overseas wars between ethnic groups that have been fighting for centuries?

Whatever your take on the matter, legendary metal band Isis have a more immediate problem on their hands: stupid Americans are mistaking their band for ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the group that’s been slaughtering Christians, Yazidis and any muslims that aren’t members of the Sunni sect, and famously beheaded American journalist James Foley earlier this month.

ABC News reports that the band has been getting “off color comments” on their Facebook page, which they keep active to update fans on new projects despite disbanding in 2010, and that they decided to change the official title of the page to “Isis the Band.” Merch sales have not been affected, according to a representative from their label, Ipecac.

Hopefully the confusion will soon blow over and stupid Americans can get back to being stupid Americans in whatever ways they normally do so. In the meantime, does all this sound familiar? Never forget:

Anthrax - We're Not Changing Our Name

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