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Exclusive Track Premiere: The Contortionist, “Primordial Sound”


The Contortionist - Language

We’ve spent a LOT of time waxing ecstatic about The Contortionist’s new album Language here at MetalSucks. Talking about how much the band has grown, how their newfound hype and success is deserved, how the addition of vocalist Michael Lessard and bassist Jordan Eberhardt has made the band even better, and how Language is just generally great. And yet to date we’ve only been able to share one song with you so far, part one of the album’s title track.

“Primordial Sound” is a curious but solid choice for the album’s second single because it doesn’t try and fool you, the listener, into thinking Language is something that it’s not. Whereas too often bands and labels will push an album’s heaviest track, or at the very least one that isn’t representative of the album as a whole, with “Primordial Sound” as a featured track The Contortionist are essentially saying, “Hey, this is what we sound like now. Like it — or don’t — but them’s the breaks.” Fortunately we like it lots! Contortionist 2k14 finds the band breaking further into ethereal, Cynic-y soundscapes, a direction they embarked upon with 2012’s Intrinsic, and a path from which they’re showing no intentions of looking back.

Language comes out September 16th via eOne and can be pre-ordered here.

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