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Cowards: U Jam?


Cowards Shooting Blanks And Pills

Tons of dudes have suffered tons of despair about change in their beloved bands’ styles. The reaction kinda defies logic — like emotions do — but still it sucks that the jams you so love are suddenly no longer in production. I mean shit, even as you read these words, many fans of In Flames are in full wailing-vagina mode about that particular change of course. Others among us are still pissy about Metallica, Thrice, Morbid Angel, and every other band that threw away something good for something iffy that, at any rate, we weren’t in the mood for and they weren’t good at. It’s like, we go to our gf’s house to hang out and do sex; imagine if one night she wanted to give you a tooth exam then run lay-up drills? You’d smile and explain, No thanks, I go elsewhere for that stuff.

Anyway, even if you resist an artist’s right to evolve, and even if it’s not the point that they suck at their new vibe, annd even if it seems like your devotion is being discarded with the band’s former style — hey, there’s hope. Just be comforted by cosmic balance, by influence and regeneration. Think of it: Mastodon moves on from Crack The Skye‘s sprawling space epics — but a couple short years later some band called Sahg sprouts a mind-bending prog-classic in the very, very same mould. Or: The Mars Volta wilts, but hark! there flourishes Boyfrndz. See? No reason to fret longterm. Stay mellow and someday along will come a band like Cowards, all poised to fill the space in your heart left by Mínus, who turned vanilla (then random) following their fuckblast classic second album. It’s as though that album suddenly got a brother, one similarly ballistic and brooding, but also of his own generation (via sludge). U jam?

Cowards’ EP Shooting Blanks And Pills came out Tuesday via Secret Handshake. Order here and here

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