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Courtney Love’s Isolated Vocal and Guitar Tracks are About as Pleasant as Ebola

  • Axl Rosenberg

Stop SingingIsolated tracks are all the rage these days (see: Phil Anselmo’s isolated vocal track for Pantera’s “Walk,” The Rev and Mike Portnoy’s isolated drum tracks for Avenged Sevenfold, Ben Koller’s isolated drum tracks for Converge, etc.), which makes sense, because, well… it provides a cool insight into the work of artists we love.

Or, in this case, it just provides us with some good yuks.

J.M. Ladd, who was commissioned to film Hole at Fashion Week in NYC in 2010, has provided Noisey with some 100% genuine footage from that performance… with Love’s vocal and guitar tracks isolated.

To say she sounds like shit would be understating it somewhat.

First, watch the performance with the entire band playing; Love doesn’t sound very good, but when mixed in with the rest of the band, her performance doesn’t make you think “Holy shit, how does this woman still have a career?”

Whereas when you isolate Love’s tracks, well… FUCK.

Jesus Christ. That’s basically what I sounded like covering Guns N’ Roses at my first guitar recital when I was eleven. Actually, I think I probably sounded better than that. Shit, my dog howling in protest at the new shitcore promo whatever label sent me sounds better than that. It’s the kind of performance which gives you a real appreciation for the benefits of being deaf, y’know?

[via Metal Insider]

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