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Greenville, Kentucky Police Department Claim Blamelessness in Arrest of Exodus Fan

  • Axl Rosenberg

greenville pd exodusThe Greenville, Kentucky Police Department has issued the following statement regarding the recent arrest of James Evans for “terroristic threatening” via the posting of Exodus lyrics on Facebook:

“The recent arrest of a Muhlenberg County man for posting song lyrics on social media has caused a great deal of controversy. Many concerned fans have expressed their disapproval of the GPD for this arrest. However, no officers from the GPD were in any way involved in the criminal charges and arrest of this man. The charges were filed by a Muhlenberg County School Resource Officer of the Muhlenberg County Police. Please refer all further inquiries to the Muhlenberg County Police.”

You heard ’em: refer all further inquiries to the Muhlenberg County Police! Here’s their website, which suggests that their two main concerns are meth (like the meth they must have been smoking to think this arrest was a sound idea) and bullying (insert your own joke here). Their phone number is (270) 338-3345. Give ’em a call, I’m sure they’d be delighted to hear from Exodus fans all across America!


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