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Jay Weinberg is Probably the New Slipknot Drummer


slipknot jay weinbergThe Toronto Sun, which seems like a reasonably reputable source, is now reporting a rumor that Jay Weinberg is the new drummer for Slipknot. This is in line with rumors MetalSucks has been hearing a lot as of late, so we’re guessing it’s accurate.

And anticlimactic! You may recall that Weinberg was rumored as far back as April. I’m not criticizing Weinberg, who’s an excellent choice — I’m just saying, after five months, you’d hope the reveal would be something incredibly mind-blowing, like Dave Lombardo or Gene Hoglan or a robot made from pieces of Dave Lombardo and Gene Hoglan. But this is basically like when J.J. Abrams kept denying that Benedict Cumberbatch was playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, and then the movie came out, and there was this big reveal that wasn’t really a big reveal at all. Like, once that many people have it figured out, what’s the point of continuing to keep it a secret?

ANYWAY, congrats to Weinberg.

You may recall that we figured out that Alessandro Venturella is the new bassist for Slipknot last week. So this should pretty much conclude “The Mystery of the New Slipknot Members” at least until the next album cycle, which is probably five-to-fifteen years away.

Slipknot’s new album,  .5: The Gray Chapter, comes out October 21 on Roadrunner. The band starts a tour with Korng 810 in October. Get dates here.


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