I Took Wovenwar on a Pizza Crawl

  • Axl Rosenberg

wovenwar pizza logoSo a few weeks back, the dudes in Wovenwar came to New York to do press. And they hit up and were like “Wanna hang?”, and I was like “Yeah!”, and they were like “Cool, what should we do?”, and I was like “I get winded walking to my fridge and Nick Hipa looks like he’s gonna live forever, what if you took me shopping for healthy foods?”, and they were like, “Nah, that’s boring, what if you took us on a pizza crawl instead?”, and I was like, “YES! TO HELL WITH STUPID HEALTHY FOODS!!!

And so on a pizza crawl we did go. And… we filmed it! You can peep our pizza-licious adventure below. WARNING: it will make you hungry. But before you go run and grab a slice, make sure you pick up Wovenwar’s self-titled album, which is out now on Metal Blade! You can get it here.

In case you’re ever in the New York area and wanna try some of these joints, these are they (in the order in which we visited them):

Joe’s Pizza
Ben’s Pizzeria
Artichoke Basille’s Pizza
Two Boots (they actually have some locations outside of NYC, too!)

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