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Will There Be a New Lamb of God Album in Early 2015? Probably Not.

  • Axl Rosenberg

Lamb-of-god-band-picIn January, Randy Blythe announced that “I will not be thinking about lamb of god, touring, playing heavy metal, writing new lamb of god material- NONE OF THAT STUFF- AT ALL- for a good long while.” As it turns out, though, “a good long while” isn’t as long as we’d feared! ‘Cause earlier this week, Blythe went on Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta’s podcast and said this:

“I have been writing my book for a while but the majority of my book has been written since January. It will be released [in the] early part of next year along with the new Lamb of God record… I started writing lyrics for the next record in prison.”

Understandably, this sent the internet into a tizzy, because, well… who doesn’t wanna hear new Lamb of God music, right? And “the early part of next year”? Why, it’s basically October now! The early part of next year is just around the corner!!! OMG WE COULD HAVE A NEW LAMB OF GOD ALBUM SOMETIME WITHIN THE NEXT SIX MONTHS!!!

Only, uh, that’s probably not gonna happen. Says Blythe via his infamous Instagram account:

“…despite what all the metal blogs are blaring ‘RANDY SAYS NEW LAMB OF GOD ALBUM EARLY 2015!!!!’- take that with a grain if salt, ok, because they also ignore the fact that during the interview I also say “The new album isn’t written yet” – It will come out when it comes out, after it’s done & we are happy with it. When that will be, we shall see- we kinda gotta write the thing first, ya know? I don’t have a crystal ball, & I got no other answers than it will come out when it’s done.”

In defense of my fellow metal bloggers, Blythe’s initial quote really did make it sound like he was saying the new LoG album would be out in early 2015. And, really, how upset can he be that the fans are so hungry for new material?

But if the album hasn’t even been written yet… well, I got bad news for ya, kids: the chances of it coming out in early 2015 are slim to none. Even though turnaround time is way faster in the digital era than it’s ever been before, Lamb of God would basically have to hit the studio now if they really wanted to try and have something out in “early 2015” (which I think we can safely define as “first quarter of 2015”). Keep in mind that Lamb of God are a big, big band, and a lot of wheels have to start turning before they can release anything. And, again — the album ain’t even written yet.

So, bummer that it is that we probably won’t get a new Lamb of God album sometime between now and March, the silver lining is that we could get a new Lamb of God album sometime between now and this time next year. That would really only be slightly longer than the wait between between the last two LoG albums, Wrath and Resolution. Given everything Blythe has been through, I think that’s pretty reasonable, don’t you?

[via Metal Injection and The PRP]

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