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These Photos of Former KISS Guitarist Vinnie Vincent’s Abandoned Home are Depressing

  • Axl Rosenberg

I am not what you’d call “a neat person.” The best way I can sum it up is really this: at my old job, I once went on vacation, and it took the temp who filled in for me an hour to find the stapler. It was sitting directly to her left, concealed by a pile of papers.

Still, these photos, which are allegedly of the abandoned home of former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent, make me feel 100% about all my clutter. Because Jesus Holy Hell, this is totally fucked… especially when you consider that these were apparently taken after a realtor had had the place cleaned out so he could try to sell it. That’s right: this is the clean version of Vinnie Vincent’s house.

Vinnie Vincent House 1Vinnie Vincent House 4 Vinnie Vincent House 3 Vinnie Vincent House 2These are just some of the photos of the place; you can see the rest on this Vinnie Vincent Fan Forum, where someone has posted “[not] to embarrass anyone,” but “to draw attention to a BLATANT fact that someone has a serious illness and we need to help in some way so he doesn’t meet the same fate as his ex-wife (R.I.P.).” That would be Diane Cusano, who passed away in January at age 47 as a result of her alcoholism.

The fact that Vincent is in bad shape isn’t a surprise — I mean, this is a guy who was keeping dead dogs in containers in his home. (Rolling Stone did a great job chronicling Vincent’s troubles earlier this year.)

Still, this is sad, sad, sad. Vincent is a major talent… and, apparently, his own worst enemy.

Thanks: Ben H.

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