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Exclusive Full Album Premiere: Audrey Horne, Pure Heavy


Audrey Horne - Pure Heavy

I’ve told this story several times in this space already, but it’s worth repeating: Audrey Horne’s live set at SXSW 2012 was so fucking good that they took a mostly empty bar and had it packed to the brim at show’s end, random passers-by drawn in by the power of the rock. I have never seen that happen at SXSW before, and I’ll probably never see it happen again — everyone’s way too jaded and busy.

That anecdote should also speak to the mass appeal of the band’s sound: they play old-school rock n’ roll. A little Thin Lizzy, a little KISS, a little Motley Crue. That Enslaved’s Ice Dale plays in the band is just a bizarre side note. Their songs have got riffs for miles and hook for days. No one is allowed to listen and say, “Nah, I don’t like it.” — that’s just not possible!

So press play below and hear what I’m talking about. MetalSucks initially had asked to stream track 7, “Into the Wild,” as blatant a Motley Crue rip-off as I’ve ever heard (in a good way!), but when the band came back to us and asked us to stream the whole of Pure Heavy instead… well, why not? It all rocks equally hard. The album comes out October 7th on Napalm Records and can be ordered here.

Further viewing: check out the band’s recently released music video for “Out of the City” starring Amon Amarth’s Johan Hegg and his wife!

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