Beard Crown Initiate’s “Withering Waves” Video is Mantastic


Black Crown InitiateBeing a great band is neat and all but looking cool is all that really matters, as every MetalSucks reader should know. So it’s no surprise that the audience chatter surrounding Black Crown Initiate’s show at Saint Vitus last week with Rivers of Nihil (tour dates here) was all about how monstrous, lush and manly their beards are looking these days. Guitarist Andy Thomas has been rocking that chin forest for a while now, but vocalist James Dorton and guitarist Rik Stelzpflug have recently joined the facial follicle fun too, and holy crap, those things look gnarly! Even bassist Nick Shaw has a modest chin strap. Someone’s gotta get babyface Jesse Beahler in on the fun, too.

Beard Crown Initiate are out in full force in their new music video for “Withering Waves.” There’s some sub-plot involving a man thrashing about in the ocean, but I’m too distracted by and in awe of their beards to really be able to follow it. Watch below!

The Wreckage of Stars comes out tomorrow via eOne and can be ordered here.

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