Hipsters Out Of Metal!

Abusiveness: U Jam?

  • Anso DF


You’re acquainted with certain people only at the beach, gym, or the pool, so you never wear an actual outfit when encountering them. And unless you’re tatted up or your hairstyle leaves no doubt, maybe there’s no indication that you’re into extreme metal. So it surprises those buds to find out. “Like, Metallica?” they ask. You nod, adding “But really scummy stuff, too, that would freak you out a bit.” And you hand over your earphones blasting Abusiveness’s “Proces,” a fairly civilized Ihsahn-style black metal jam. A second later, your earphones are returned politely but emphatically. You think to yourself gratefully, Jeez this stuff is sophisticated, progressive, like a post-modern horror novel — though Abusiveness will chase a shred solo suite with a Borat-ish proclamation — while the black metal you often jam is like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, all gross, rough, and desperate. Disturbing. Basically it’s tantamount to your pals finding a naked picture of you vs. them finding a naked picture of you fucking a horse. It’s a little victory :) U jam??

Abusiveness’s fourth album Bramy Nawii came out a couple Tuesdays ago via Arachnophobia. Get it here.

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