Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Arctic Sleep, Whorls, Dzoavits

Arctic Sleep - Passage of Gaia
Arctic Sleep – Passage of Gaia

Arctic Sleep‘s plodding, saturated guitar vibe remind me a bit of Amalgamut-era Filter but with more modern production. The vocals are in the hard rock vein and I’d suspect that will turn some tr00 metalheads off, but it absolutely shouldn’t: the songwriting is incredibly solid, the riffs massive and the hooks infectious. Here’s new album Passage of Gaia via Bandcamp:

Google tells me that a “whorl” is a pattern of spirals or concentric circles. Sounds about right considering that’s exactly what my head feels like after listening to the latest Whorls jam “Atheoi,” from their new album Petrichor, now streaming in full on Bandcamp. Rise and grind:

Dzoavits are a blackened grind outfit from India whose ferocity, complexity and tightness could stand up against any band from anywhere in the world. Think Deafheaven if Deafheaven had a little more balls. Here’s their four-track تيسب ليهث demo (no idea how to pronounce that, sorry) via Bandcamp:

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