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  • Anso DF

Marduk Frontschwein

Given that Marduk’s 2009 album Wormwood rewired my brain, and that 2012’s Serpent Sermon could shout down the roar of my huge lawnmower, and that between those came a killer, kinda disturbing EP, we can be super excited about the next Marduk outing. And according to a band post last week, its creation is now underway and its title is Frontschwein. According to the internet, that’s “an amusing, ironic, or derogatory term for a simple on the front fighting soldiers,” but also an honorable thing to call a veteran soldier. Rad.

Glancing at its “expected” release date — January — we might expect another EP, but the language in the announcement is “album,” which implies full length. Sorry if that was an obvious thing to write. It’s early. Anywayyy, send your vibes in the direction of Endarker Studio in Sweden while u jam:

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