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Isitoners: Palms Debuts New Song Live In Texas

Palms by @AceMurdoc
Palms by @AceMurdoc

The band Palms was born when three former members of the band Isis — not terrorists! — reconvened in L.A. to jam and then were joined by Deftones/Team Sleep/Crosses singer Chino Moreno to add vocals. The resulting album came out last year sounding just as you’d expect: solid, spacey dirge jams and an untethered Moreno. So, given the nature of their collaboration, we’re fascinated by the prospect of new Palms material; would it, too, be written separately by the ex-Isis guys (the band, no beheadings) and then Moreno-fied later? Or would the quartet hunker down to create as a unit and end up sounding even more like the Deftones?

Well, here’s your answer, fishbulb: On their nine-date jaunt mostly in Texas, Palms kicked off each show with an untitled new track. Good quality footage of its performance in Corpus Christi last week reveals that it’s pretty awesome, though it doesn’t net many clues about its providence; it could be from the band’s initial sessions and it’s just as likely to have been written recently. More than anything, it makes you want Palms to enlist an unusual producer or to attempt a wild concept that would distinguish their jams from Moreno’s other bands’. Crank it up below:

 Thanks Stephen P.

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