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Witch Of The Season: The Acacia Strain’s New Ripper Streaming

  • Anso DF

The Acacia Strain - Coma Witch

Once in a while you’re making party chitchat with other guests when one of them gamely asks for advice. “Wow, is metal really that interesting? Cool! What band should we check out first?” they ask sweetly and purely hypothetically. Recognizing that the question represents their desire to get you talking, you thumbnail your pet genres and the most instantly lovable of their big bands. Do this by first pointing to the hottest one’s friend and say, You seem like a positive person; your metal match is Devin Townsend Project. Then indicate the next friend, describe their air of intelligence, and tip them to intellectual stuff like Between The Buried And Me. Finally, finger the hottest one (so to speak), smile, and suggest that slutty crazy chicks might dig The Acacia Strain. Then text her the entire album Coma Witch (below) while jingling your car keys :)

The Acacia Strain’s Coma Witch is out Tuesday via Rise. Pre-order it here.

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