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Another Cannibal Corpse Gig in Russia Was Canceled By Crazy Religious Fundamentalists


Cannibal Corpse 2014A crazy from the Russian Orthodox Church named Dimitriy Enteo has it out for Cannibal Corpse, and has been trying to make their current tour there hell. Unfortunately it seems as if he’s been at least partially successful.

Last week a gig in Ufa was canceled first for “technical reasons,” then, once it was moved to a new venue, canceled again when a lighting vendor allegedly didn’t pay his bill on time. Seems shady, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

But you can’t fool us twice. Another gig, this one in Moscow, was canceled over the weekend for similarly vague reasons. The show was reportedly set to go, with the audience packed in, when moments before the scheduled start time the promoter came on and told the crowd the show was canceled, according to Interfax.

Meanwhile, MS reader Mikhail B. from Russia — who first informed us of the situation — says that Dimitriy Enteo has been bragging about the cancelations on his Twitter account.

Huge bummer for Russian death metal fans. At least Cannibal Corpse weren’t given the Behemoth treatment and locked up in a feces-filled cell, and at least most of their Russian shows went on as planned.

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