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“AOV”: Slipknot Approach Original Violence on New Track

  • Axl Rosenberg

Slipknot - .5 The Gray ChapterSo I guess Slipknot are unveiling one track from the new album .5: The Gray Chapter (my review) a day every day in chronological order until… I don’t know what until. Even if you remove the two previously released singles, “The Devil in I” and “The Negative One,” there’s still twelve other songs on the album, and they just started these releasing these on Monday (listen to “XIX” here and “Sarcastrophe” here), and the album comes out Tuesday, so they’ll have to release multiple tracks in one day if they wanna catch up prior to the album’s release. Maybe they don’t wanna catch up to the album’s release. I dunno I dunno I dunno.

ANYWAY, today’s premiere, the third track from the album, is “AOV,” which stands for “Approaching Original Violence.” I have no idea what the hell that phrase means, but this is still my favorite song on the album, and I tend to get Corey Taylor’s rapping section stuck in my head a lot — specifically, the phrase “Now the community doesn’t feel any better than it used to be!” It’s catchy and grammatically incorrect.

Listen to “AOV” below. I’m guessing the band will release the song “Killpop” tomorrow, which is another really fun track. The new Slipknot album comes out Tuesday. I just fucking said that.


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