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Thomas Giles of BTBAM Debuts New Single “I Appear Disappear”


Thomas Giles 2014Between the Buried and Me is a band that can ostensibly do fucking anything, at any time. Between the five members, there’s enough talent and musical experience in every genre that they have pulled off Latin grooves, death and black metal, acoustic prog, and every damn thing in between.

But one thing they don’t do, almost ever, is simple. They have dynamics, maybe more than any band out there, but there’s no song in their catalog (and I’ve heard them ALL) that’s simple, straightforward, or predictable. That’s what I love about them.

So when it comes time for lead singer Thomas Giles to do his solo material, he understandably wants to do something different. And the only option for something different from a band that does everything? To do something SIMPLE.

“I wanted to record things that naturally came to me,” says Thomas of his new album. “Because of this, the record feels like an accurate extension of myself. I took a more rock approach and really focused on writing simple yet dynamic songs. Lyrically, I feel it’s a great mix of storytelling and personal experience. Modern Noise is basically just saying this is my current noise on the earth. We all are here for a short amount of time, and the noise we make is our memory.”

Of course, simple is a relative term. Featuring a tasty-like-pancakes bluesy outro solo from BTBAM guitarist Paul Waggoner, this song does the opposite of what a BTBAM song does, and explores just ONE idea. It also asks an all-too-important question: Where are we going?

Listen to the below, courtesy of Guitar WorldModern Noise drops November 25 on Metal Blade.

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