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Hey, Let’s All Listen to This Brand New Soundgarden Song and Talk About How Underwhelming It Is


SoundgardenIt’s been my experience that all of us came to metal from some other genre or another (except for Grim Kim, who came out of the womb wearing a spikey black armband). For me, Axl, Kip and a lot of folks our age grunge served as a big entry point into metal. Bands like Metallica, GNR and Skid Row were still topping the charts when we were first exploring new music on our own, and I was hella into all of those, but it was the rise of grunge that really smashed the doors open for me, and at the time I didn’t really differentiate between genres all that much or even give a shit: if it had loud, distorted guitars I probably dug it.

Soundgarden were a big part of that — their mix of heaviness and craftiness really spoke to me — but I was super-bummed out by 2012’s completely forgettable “comeback” album King Animal. Don’t chalk it up to overly lofty expectations: I was floored by Alice in Chains’ reunion Black Gives Way to Blue, and I hope to feel the same about whatever Faith No More are currently working on. There simply wasn’t anything to latch onto. I gave it another shake earlier this year just to see if I’d missed anything, or if it’d grown on me with time… and nope, still forgettable.

So hey, here’s a new Soundgarden song called “Storm.” According to the PRP they haven’t yet revealed where this track will eventually appear — new album? soundtrack? single? b-sides and rarities collection? other? — but here it is for your listening pleasure. My thoughts on first listen: it’s alright, but, like anything on King Animal, doesn’t get me all that excited or beg for repeat listens.

But what do YOU think? Listen, and tell us in the comments.


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