Miss Fortune Vocalist Mikey Sawyer Arrested for Domestic Assault and Battery; Band Dropped by Sumerian

  • Axl Rosenberg

Mikey Sawyer Mug ShotUntil now, I think a lot of people knew Miss Fortune as “that band that made the homage to Nirvana video.” Unfortunately, the band will now be known for something far more heinous.

Lambgoat reports that Sumerian Records has dropped the band following frontman Mikey Sawyer’s arrest for domestic assault and battery last Friday, October 24 in Tulsa, OK (that’s his mug shot at the top of this post… it’s the first time I can recall ever seeing a mug shot where the perp had scene hair). Label chief Ash Avildsen made the announcement via Facebook:

“Sumerian Records has dropped Miss Fortune. We do not condone domestic violence, nor would we ever support an artist that does. – Ash”

So I guess it’s a good thing that Roger Goodell doesn’t run Sumerian.

For their part, the members of Miss Fortune who aren’t Mikey Sawyer seem to agree with Avildsen. (About the domestic abuse part, not the being dropped from the label part.) Says the band on their own FB page:

“We’d like to point out that the actions of one band member do not represent the actions and viewpoints of the entire band. Yes our singer Mikey is in jail, but no we DO NOT condone his actions. We DO NOT condone domestic abuse. If you’ve met anyone of us in person I’m sure you know we’re a cool bunch of dudes. Saying Miss Fortune condones domestic abuse is a lie, so stop saying it. Thank you.
– Josh Kikta, Ian Marchionda, Harley Graves, Max Santoro”

Which is all well and good, but one has to wonder why this statement includes the phrase “our singer Mikey is in jail,” as opposed to, say, “our now-former-singer Mikey is in jail.” It’s not even as though the band is arguing that Sawyer is innocent until proven guilty — their wording suggests they believe Sawyer was rightfully arrested and imprisoned. So why keep this clown in the band?

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