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Watch Dirk Verbeuren Blast Through the Arbitrator Song “For That Which May Appease Lions”


Dirk VerbeurenDirk Verbeuren is one of our most favoritest drummers in all of metal here at the MS Mansion. When we counted down The Top 25 Modern Metal Drummers back in 2012 he landed at #13. He’s one of the many musicians who submitted a ballot for the Top 25 Metal Bands of All Time list we’re currently counting down, and his choices were totally legit. And of course there’s all the killer material he’s recorded with Soilwork and Scarve.

Verbeuren has become something a playthrough video extraordinaire of late — videos that both drummers and non-drummers alike can appreciate — and his latest is a clip of him playing through the song “For That Which May Appease Lions” by his new outfit Arbitrator (more info on Arbitrator here). Dirk’s playing an e-kit here (duh) and all the sounds are being generated by the brand new Made of Metal EZX expansion library for EZdrummer 2, which venerable Swedish software company Toontrack just released as part of their annual Metal Month campaign. Check it out below:

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