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New Texas In July Album Rips! Wait, what?

  • Anso DF

Texas In July Bloodwork

You’ll do the same as me: Act all surprised that you find Texas In July’s new album to be pretty rad. Yes indeed, the little signs that point metal fans like you to expect them to be sucky or mediocre — ie. their label home’s barfy roster, their new singer’s Journey-style hiring, and their “flexing sensitive guys” vibe — are negated about a minute into Bloodwork, their fourth record. It’s one of those albums that you know right away will be your pet jam in a genre that doesn’t exactly thrill you. It rips!

And by Bloodwork‘s second song, it gets way more comfortable to love its authors: That’s when they sound like Soilwork, which gives us all an out :) And even when Texas In July is generic, or sounding like a higher-pitched Whitechapel, or ticking out predictable solos, or drumming pointlessly, Bloodwork stays afloat, like a clueless girl from the suburbs who’s silly enough to be cute company. Crank it up below via Revolver!

Texas In July’s Bloodwork is out tomorrow on Equal Vision. Order it here

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