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He Is Legend Unveils New Album Plans, Guitarist, Doob Schedule

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He Is Legend by Joel Arbaje

It’s an old story. You know the one; the tale of a hard-working, over-travelled rock band. Written anew for a million magazine articles, depicted in dozens of music videos, and lingering in the shadows in any interview, it serves mega-star and wannabe equally. They miss home, their health is iffy, they have routines. They feel bad, they look worse, they would kill to take a civilized dump. They’re lonely, co-dependent, and need their space. Yes, it’s a classic tale.

Prisoners in one such story, He Is Legend may be that torn and frayed band, but still their saga — as told to a New York City publication a couple Saturdays ago from a stop on their Mega Deaf II tour — bursts with excellent new and unknown info. A sample:

  • He Is Legend will begin writing their next album in January!!!!!
  • Their touring guitarist is named Denis Desloge. His brother is their tour manager. Oh now I see how it is.
  • Before a gig, singer Schuylar Croom must be photographed with an Aphex Twin logo (above) or he won’t go on. True story.
  • Croom raved to me about filmmaker Stanley Kubrick in August but he sure didn’t mention that he had a motherfucking hand tattoo of the carpet in The Shining. I would’ve remembered that.
  • Their set list includes the huge finales from their 2009 album It Hates You but not the ones from new album Heavy Fruit.
  • Their fancy touring guitarist Denis preps for gigs by doing “finger exercises.” Well la-di-freakin’-da.
  • Guitarist Adam Tanbouz smokes a wake-up doob at 5 am each day! That’s earlier than most wake-up doobs by an average of nine hours.
  • Tanbouz recently mislaid his phone that contained all his song ideas for the next album. Better move that wake-up doob to 4:45 am :)
  • That fancy touring guitarist is kindergarten friends with new drummer Sam Huff. Aha! so Huff’s who you have to blow to get the guitar gig in HIL. Writing that down.

And tons more! Check out the whole story and sweet photos here while you jam below!

He Is Legend’s fourth album Heavy Fruit is out now via Tragic Hero. Get it here and here

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