The 25 Best Metal Bands of All Time!

MetalSucks Readers Name Death the Best Metal Band of All Time


The 25 Best Metal Bands of All Time

1917580_444717228661_1507117_nMetalSucks recently polled more than a hundred of metal’s most revered musicians, critics, journalists, artists, publicists, and industry insiders to find out which 25 bands represent the very BEST in the history of metal. Once these heavy metal heavy hitters had their say, we asked you, our beloved readers, to weigh in — and weigh in you have!

It’s interesting to note is that although there’s some variance in the order on which they appear on both lists, the industry panel and the readers chose eighteen out of twenty-five of the same bands, giving the two lists a 72% overlap. So it would appear that our readers’ tastes and those of the industry’s top dogs are relatively in line with one another.

One major divergence worth noting: the mighty Death, who came in at #8 in the industry poll, absolutely crushed the competition here. Their nearest competitors, Iron Maiden, were still more than forty votes behind them.

Below, check out the final tally from the readers’ poll. If you’re unhappy with it, remember, it’s your own goddamn fault.

  1. Death (948 Votes)
  2. Iron Maiden (906 Votes)
  3. Black Sabbath (876 Votes)
  4. Slayer (831 Votes)
  5. Metallica (698 Votes)
  6. Mastodon (634 Votes)
  7. Opeth (568 Votes)
  8. Megadeth (537 Votes)
  9. Judas Priest (514 Votes)
  10. Gojira (485Votes)
  11. Tool (460 Votes)
  12. Pantera (457 Votes)
  13. Meshuggah (440 Votes)
  14. Motörhead (388 Votes)
  15. Lamb of God (354 Votes)
  16. Carcass (326 Votes)
  17. Bathory (319 Votes)
  18. Sepultura (296 Votes)
  19. Dio (275 Votes)
  20. Behemoth (266 Votes)
  21. Cannibal Corpse (258 Votes)
  22. Testament (257 Votes)
  23. Between the Buried and Me (252 Votes)
  24. Mercyful Fate (239 Votes)
  25. Emperor (235 Votes)
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