“My Mum F*cking Loves Death Metal”


foetal juice albert grindstein videoA reader named Sam sent me the following e-mail this morning:

“hey axl

check out my mum (a 54 year old divorcee from middle class suburbia) and her death metal band.”

And he included a link, natch.

Well, good news/bad news. The bad news is, Sam was lying: while Foetal Juice’s new video for their song “Albert Grindstein” does feature a group of post-menopausal women “playing” some heavy-as-fuck shit, the members of Foetal Juice are actually just a bunch of foul young dudes — y’know, like the members of 99.9% of all extreme music bands (Sam is the band’s vocalist).

The good news is that the video is very entertaining, and the song is pretty good, too! Check it out:

“Albert Grindstein” will appear on Foetal Juice’s coming split CD with Human Landfill, which is being release on Grindscene Records at some point in the near future… but you can get it on Bandcamp now. Or, if you just say “Foetal Juice” three times, it will magically appear in you mp3 player.

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