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Stream or Bust: AC/DC’s New Album Available for Your ROCKING Pleasure


ACDC with Phil RuddOfficial press release:

At last, the year’s most anticipated album by people over the age of fifty and/or from New Jersey and/or Long Island is here: iTunes is now streaming AC/DC’s Rock or Bust in full!

Featuring eleven songs, four of which have the word “rock” in the title, and the longest of which is still under four minutes, AC/DC’s Rock or Bust is thirty-some-odd minutes of foot tappin’, jowl flappin’ ROCK. Highlights include “Play Ball,” the first song to ever be commissioned by the MLB; “Rock the Blues Away,” which definitively proves that Brian Johnson owns a rhyming dictionary; and “Emission Control,” a touching little ditty in which Angus Young and company wistfully revisit 1896, when they were just turning thirteen, were still able to achieve erections without pharmaceutical aids, and had to think about baseball during sex in order to avoid premature ejaculation (incidentally, “Emission Control” is the second song to ever be commissioned by the MLB).

Notably, the album marks the recording debut of Stevie Young, nephew to Angus and Malcolm Young, the latter of whom was forced to leave the band due to health issues. Tragically, Stevie Young has since been killed in a tragic accident during which his brittle bones were vaporized under the weight of his guitar. He has been replaced on tour by Angelo Young, Angus and Malcolm’s third cousin once removed.

Stream AC/DC’s latest masterpiece, Rock or Bust, here. The stream comes complete with commercials every few songs, so you can reminisce about a simpler time, before the HBO and the boxes that record stuff! The album will be released on December 2 and will appear on Spotify only as a karaoke rendition “in the style of,” because AC/DC can still get away with that since their fans don’t know what Spotify is anyway.

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